Patient Centered

Combining the respective strengths, expertise and resources of our academic institutions and our hospital partners, this novel model will provide the best possible patient care experience.

CIAMI provides our partners with community-based, out-of-hospital access to imaging for patients, relieving wait time burdens from the hospitals in our community. The addition of the CIAMI MRI Suite will improve outcomes for patients in our community by speeding the path to diagnosis and treatment.

Long waits for diagnostic imaging delay diagnosis, and the start of treatment which in turn can result in unnecessary health deterioration and further burden on our healthcare system.

Community-based Imaging Centre

By providing greater access to imaging for patients, CIAMI supports our partners with meeting the health care needs of the communities we serve now and in the future.

Through this regional partnership and collaboration, CIAMI provides access for community-based MRI exams for priority 4 (P4) patients which in turn alleviates the demand on hospitals and increases their capacity for higher priority and more complex types of MRI exams.