Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Experiential learning is a component of every student’s educational journey. The ability to learn and train on real devices transforms the traditional way of teaching and practicing in the imaging sector.

CIAMI is a key addition to an already rich research ecosystem featuring Mohawk College, McMaster University and Hamilton’s hospital partners and will collaboratively support the integration of research competencies into the training of interdisciplinary teams.

Transform Student Learning

Mohawk College and McMaster University’s imaging programs are national examples of best practice, positioning graduates for success in a rapidly changing healthcare context.

CIAMI will welcome the introduction of Mohawk College’s new MRI Post-Graduate program which will enable pathway opportunities, hands-on experience and support quality education.

CIAMI provides learners and educators flexibility, opportunity for research skills development and industry collaboration in the educational journey. The MRI Suite at CIAMI enables innovation around MRI program development and delivery.

To learn more about educational programs offered at Mohawk College and McMaster University within the imaging sector, please visit: