MRI Suite »

Our MRI Facility is equipped with a SIGNA™ Premier 3.0T from GE Healthcare and supportive resources. This machine is a beneficial and robust resource enabling advancements in imaging for various initiatives, educational delivery methods and research projects.

With access to our MRI, CIAMI enables groundbreaking research and educational opportunities within neurological research including spectroscopy, fMRI, DTI, advanced cardiac research including vessel wall imaging and arterial spin labelling with breast imaging capabilities. While improving the patient experience with a 70 cm bore size, the SIGNA™ Premier magnet supports a large 50 cm FOV and may reduce exam time since fewer acquisitions are needed to cover a large anatomy.

Our facility is also equipped with:

GE Healthcare : MRI Audio Music System

The MRI Audio premium sound system is designed for comfort and allows the patient to listen to music while being scanned in an MRI. The technologist is in full control of the system headphones, microphone, sound source and volume controls. Standard 3.5 mm plug for music source allows any compatible music player, tablet or phone. In-ear headphones work with any head coil. The system is auto-voice compatible with GE MRI systems.

GE Healthcare: NordicNeuroLab nordicComfort Solution

A user-friendly, intuitive interface that enables remote control of the patient entertainment system. With a simple click of a button you can select and present media content to a patient



CT Suite »

With the installation of our new GE Revolution CT ES at the Institute for Applied Health Sciences we now have opportunities for inanimate / material composition research endeavours at Mohawk College and McMaster University.


  • 80mm -coverage gemstone clarity detector
  • Integrated reconstruction software enabling up to 82% dose reduction
  • Hyperdrive to enable up to 437.5 mm/s volume acquisition speed without compromising a 50cm scan field of view with superior image quality
  • Intelligent motion correction for 29 MS effective temporal resolution
  • 0.25 ms ultrafast kVp switching to enable GSI Xtream: the first volume spectral CT technology designed to improve small lesion detection, tissue characterization and metal artifact reduction
  • 80cm bore size
  • Best in class 0.23 MM spatial resolution